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Description of Services provided by CSS Auto Restoration

Premire Body Restoration and Paint:

Premire Body Restoration and Paint includes the following services and materials:

  • Full body breakdown (removal of doors; hood; fenders; decklid; chrome/moldings; glass; and interior [if engine/trans rebuild is being performed, then these items will be removed as well]).
  • All sheet metal and main body are media blasted to bare metal (removing all paint and previous body work).
  • Any/All rust damage is repaired by removing the rusted area and replacing damaged area with metal patches welded in place (full welds); if patch panels cannot be acquired then CSS will fabricate as required.
  • CSS uses only 3M and PPG products.
  • The bodywork will require test fittings for alignment prior to painting to ensure proper body lines are maintained.
  • The Paint products and process include the following: DPS50LF -- Sealer Primer (1-2 coats as needed), applied after media blasting; DPS3055 -- High Build Sandable Primer (3 coats), applied following body work and blocked w/ 320 and wet sanded w/ 600; DPS50LF -- Sealer Primer (1 coat), reapplied to seal the body work prior to color paint; DBC Base Paint (2-3 coats as needed) -- applied as the pigmented color base paint; DCU2021 -- Clear Coat (3 coats), applied over the base paint for protection and long lasting shine.
  • The painted parts are buffed/polished and reassembled as well as chrome and moldings.


Re-Chroming of various parts are performed by either a local business in the Harrisburg, PA area (Labrandi's) or by Paul's Plating near Pittsburgh, PA.

  • All parts are inventoried prior to sending to the plating house.
  • Parts are protected and stored while the vehicle body is being restored.
  • Parts are carefully assembled onto the vehicle during final assembly.

Interior Restoration:

Interioir Restoration is professionally performed by Jukins Upholstery located in Dillsburg, PA

  • If quality interior kits are available, these may be used unless the owner desires otherwise.
  • Custom interiors will be created based on customers' requirements.
  • Craftsmanship and quality materals will prevail with warranty on all workmanship.

Engine/Trans Rebuild:

Engine rebuilds are performed by "Classic Trademark" and/or "Snyder Performance"

  • The engine will be brokendown; cleaned; and carefully reviewed to determine best rebuilld process based on current condition of the engine and parts
  • Quality parts will be acquired and/or created.
  • Quality craftsmanship and knowledge is used in the rebuild process.
  • Warranties are provided on all workmanship.
  • Warranties are provided on parts via the parts manufacture.

Suspension/Undercarrige Rebuild:

Suspension and Undercarrige rebuild requires a full rebuild of the steering; suspension; brakes; and frame mounts as required.




















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