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1965 Mustang 2+2; 302 cu. in.; 4 speed manual floor shift


Two 1/8" dia. holes in the foreground, 3 holes on the rear of the roof.

Rust damage in the Left Rear Qtr Panel near the door.

Rust between metal layers where it was not welded.

An additional rust hole on the Qtr bend area.


Holes from a previous body repair in the rear tail lamp trim panel.

Rust on the rear Qtr and into the trunk seal area.

Rust hole in the Trunk seal area and around the lead line.

Holes in hte trunk floor (right side)

Holes in the trunk floor (left side)

Rust hole around the rear windshield.

1/2" thick filler found due to metal warpage from previous welding of the skin.

Hard to show the extent of the warpage, but look close at the weld line, just below you can see where the metal sucked in.

Sliced side panel; pulled; and re-welded with a reinforcement panel behind to prevent Oil-Canning effect.

Right side of Cowl area

New Pic of inside the cowl:

Note: the complete cowl was not blasted at this time. We'll blast once removed from the car.

Right side cowl lower section.

Left side cowl lower section.

Fix of issue in the previous picture, New peice patched and welded in place (seam sealed)

Left side Cowl area

New Pic of Inside the Cowl:


Blasted a section on the rad support to check the welds.

Drivers Side Rear Frame Rail

Driver's Side Rear Frame Rail - Note Rust Hole below and next to the Right most Hole.

Pass. Side Rear Frame Rail -- Gone!!

Top View of Pass Side Rear Frame Rail - Inner Structure is Toast!


New Trunk Floor Side panels welded and seam sealed

Cut out rust hole and patched

Seam Sealed previous welds of Qtr Panel patches inside trunk and rear section of the car.

New rear panel fitted and welded in place.

Torque Boxes:

Driver's Side


Passenger Side:

Reinforcement patch fixing previous rust hole

Beginning the finishing process....

Primed and ready for additional body finishing....

Rear Qtrs Rolled....

Deck lid ready for blocking...





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